A Merger Of Fiat Chrysler Renault. Talks are moving forward, but France wants more

05-июл, 16;51 admin 1273
The possible FCA-Renault merger began to enter the political sphere after France, the main shareholder of Renault, demanded concessions to preserve the government's influence over the management of the new company, as well as funds contributed to the mutual understanding by the French side, according to a source quoted by Reuters.

FCA is in talks with Renault and the French state over a $ 35 billion merger offer made last week that would create the world's third-largest developer after Volkswagen and Toyota.

France owns 15 percent of Renault and seems excited about the offer, provided that local jobs and manufacturing plants are preserved, but new requests are emerging from the French government as the talks move forward.
John Elkann, a follower of the Agnelli family, whose holding company Exor owns 29 percent of FCA, wanted to reconcile the Italian and French authorities, but also maintain the interest of active shareholders in the merger, including Renault partners such as Nissan.

The FCA proposal calls for both companies to be acquired by a Dutch listed company owned 50% -50% by current FCA and Renault shareholders, which after paying a special dividend of $ 2.5 billion to FCA shareholders.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/