FCA will partner with Engie Eps to create green transport

12-дек, 22;01 admin 1458
Fiat's head office has announced its intention to sign a long-term cooperation contract with its subsidiary Engie Eps. The latter contains a full-scale charging station network and all the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles.
The Italian organization Engie Eps is a leader in green energy in the region and is fully developing new points that allow customers not only to charge their electric vehicles, but also to receive quality technical and information services. According to the latest report, the company grew by 52 percent over the previous year.

FCA decided to merge the ready-made base of its subsidiary, as well as the production facilities of the car factory, in order to concentrate on the release of new models of electric vehicles. Fortunately, the entire infrastructure is fully prepared for this. FCA's 14 production lines are already capable of working with electric vehicles, and some of them are even capable of producing lithium-ion batteries.
Against the background of tougher duties on carbon dioxide emissions, as well as the transition of many European countries to environmentally friendly modes of transport, this decision by Fiat looks very timely.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/